PERCEPTIONS – Understanding the Impact of Narratives and Perceptions of Europe on Migration and Providing Practices, Tools and Guides for Practitioners.

After three and a half years of fieldwork research and development, the H2020 PERCEPTIONS project is coming to its end. In this regard, the final symposium of the project took place at the University of Bologna, Palazzo Hercolani, on the 19th and 20th of January 2023.

PERCEPTIONS aims to identify and understand migrants’ narratives, images and perceptions of Europe, as well as the way they are distributed via different channels.

The symposium brought together policymakers, academics, law enforcement agents, migrants, asylum-seekers along with governmental, non-governmental, international and civil society organizations to discuss the project findings. Simultaneously, it was open to the general public through live streaming via the project’s social media channels. During those two days, consortium partners had the opportunity to present their work, share their individual results and efforts while demonstrating the final project results and goals achieved.

KEMEA, was leading the activities of the materials evaluations, usability tests, early demonstration activities and end-user feedback cycles and had the opportunity to share the results of the multi-stakeholders evaluation workshops on the public area of the PERCEPTIONS web platform. Several perspectives and experiences were shared with the participants, discussing also future research opportunities.






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Duration: 09/2019 to 02/2023|

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