The Center for Security Studies evolves in the following sectors:

Studies, Research and Documentation

Tasks of this sector are:

  1. Carrying out studies, especially in a strategic level, on subjects and issues concerning security policy
  2. Providing consultative and advisory services to the Minister of Citizen Protection as well as to other domestic institutions for issues such as the above mentioned
  3. Carrying out and implementing research projects on behalf of or in collaboration with counterpart bodies of the European Union, other nations or International Organizations
  4. Developing cooperations with Organizations and Services, Research  Centers and Educational Foundations, Social, Public or Private Scientific and Prolific Institutions and Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), at national and international level
  5. Supporting cross border cooperation proceedings
  6. Organizing and conducting conferences
  7. Publishing research and in general scientific evidence as well as relevant projects
  8. Carrying out educational seminars and providing certified training in security issues
  9. Developing accredited research projects in such issues
  10. Certifying procedures, projects and plans concerning the safety of institutions, organizations and both public and private sector businesses


Policy against Crime

Tasks of this sector are:

  1. Studying the phenomenon of crime from its qualitative-quantitative changes to its geographical distribution in the Greek Territory as well as planning methods and tactics in exercising Crime Policy
  2. The submission of proposals in terms of adjusting measures to prevent and suppress crime to the constitutional principles, civil and political rights, legitimacy and respect for human dignity
  3. Developing cooperations for issues concerning its action with Organizations and Services, Research Centers and Educational Foundations, Social, Scientific and Prolific Institutions of Public or Private Sector, as well as Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), at national and international level
  4. Supporting cross border cooperation procedures
  5. Organizing and conducting conferences
  6. Publishing research and scientific evidence in addition to other relevant projects  Technology and Systems


International Co-operation and Communication

Tasks of this sector are:

  1. Co-operation with International and European authorities in the Security sector
  2. Co-operation with local and international Scientific and University institutions actively operating within the security sector
  3. Developing cooperations in international level regarding Major Events security issues
  4. Co-operation with National and International Fora


Technology and Systems

Tasks of this sector are:

  1. Following and studying thoroughly the technological evolutions indicated in security systems and evaluating new achievements in this field
  2. Designing proposals in order to exploit KE.ME.A’s expertise in foreign countries and in International Organizations
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