Final Workshop & Hellenic trial demonstration event of PROMENADE project



Athens 10 March 2023

The Center for Security Studies (KEMEA) of the Ministry of Citizen Protection co-organized along with the Hellenic Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Insular Policy, and under the technical supervision of Satways Ltd, the Final Workshop & Hellenic trial demonstration event of PROMENADE project,at the Hellenic Coast Guard Headquarters, on the 22nd February 2023.

The event had been introduced with great honor by the following esteemed representatives from the Coordination team of PROMENADE and European Commission.
Commodore HCG Kontizas Trifonas, General Director for Security and Policing of HCG
Ms. Athena Foka, Head of Special Service of European Union Structural Funds for the Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Insular Policy
– Police Lieutenant General (ret’ed) and Director of KEMEA Koroni Konstantia
Mr. Giulio Mancini, Coordinator for border and external security innovation, Policy Officer at DG-HOME of European Commission

It was a great opportunity and pleasure to present the system architecture and the AI-based services of the PROMENADE Toolkit which are CISE compliant and distributed across several categories in a Big Data environment. Moreover, thanks to PROMENADE a patrol vehicle of Hellenic Coast Guard has been entirely renovated and equipped with innovative surveillance equipment (radar, thermal camera, AIS, mobile command center, telecommunications etc.) testing the services under operational conditions using real vessels in the wider area of Corfu Island.

 That was a big milestone for which we would like to warmly thank the political and military leadership of MMAIP for their kind hospitality, DG-HOME, REA, EC experts, FRONTEX, EMSA, EFCA, project advisors, stakeholders, external end-users for their attendance and Consortium partners for their huge effort to make this happen. Our deepest gratitude to the HCG Central Port Authority of Corfu (Special Operations Unit) for their outstanding collaboration for the execution of the Hellenic trial along with the support of the 3rd HCG Regional Command, Drugs & Contraband Enforcement Directorate and all involved Directorates of HCG in Piraeus.













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