National Contact Point

The Center for the Security Studies as the only research and consulting body of the Ministry of Citizen Protection (former Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection) constitutes the National Authority regarding Critical Infrastructure Protection as well as the Contact Point with the European Commission relevant authorities and the EU Member-States.

Within KEMEA’s institutional authorities’ framework as well as KEMEA’s mission in this field, the following actions are concerned:

• The Center’s function as a National Contact Point regarding European Critical Infrastructure.

• KEMEA’s function as a National Authority within which the EC provides assistance to the owners and/or operators of the identified European Critical Infrastructures.

• KEMEA has the main responsibility of identification and characterization of the European Critical Infrastructures within Greek borders, according to the relevant agreement with the relevant authorities with other EU Member-States.

• KEMEA is monitoring the Security Operators Plan (SOP) of the European Critical Infrastructure within the Greek borders as well as all the necessary measures that has to be taken in cases that there is no SOP or in cases where the existing SOP does not fulfill the prescribed conditions.

• The Risk estimation of the sub-domains of the European Critical Infrastructures operating within the Greek borders. 

Regarding the proper understanding of the above-mentioned terms one should observe the following:

“Critical Infrastructures” are defined the assets, systems or parts of systems located within the Greek borders and which are of vital importance for the function of continuity in domains which considered vital for the society’s security, health, economic and social welfare, and the interruption or destruction of which would have a major negative impact for the Nation.

“European Critical Infrastructures” are defined the infrastructures of vital importance which are located within the Greek borders, National or other Member-States Infrastructures and the function interruption or destruction would have a major negative impact for one or more EU Member-States. The importance of these consequences is estimated on the basis of any horizontal interdependencies with other infrastructure categories.


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