Human Resources

KEMEA is staffed by:

• Active officers of the supervised entities of the Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection

• Experts and security specialists from institutions, organizations and public bodies or individuals

• Prestigious researchers and especially skilled scientists whose field of study relates directly to the goals of KEMEA

KEMEA currently employs 49 highly qualified and experienced researchers and Security experts in total (33 contracted and 16 active officers of the Hellenic Police and Fire Corps).  These 33 researchers are specialized in various topics such as: Crisis Management, Emergency Response, GIS, Hazardous Materials, Information Security, Cyber Security, Information Systems, Telecommunications, Ad Hoc Networks, Civil Protection, Operational Readiness Exercises, Statistics, International Relations, Transportation Security, Satellite Products and Services, Earth Observation Systems, European Policy, etc.

Υπουργείο Προστασίας του Πολίτη


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