Multiple Intelligent Conversation Agent Services for Reception, Management, and Integration of Third Country Nationals in the EU


The WELCOME project is a three-year innovation action H2020 EU funded project coordinated by UNIVERSIDAD POMPEU FABRA, which has been officially launched on 11th-13th of February 2020, in Barcelona, Spain. The project aims to develop immersive and intelligent services in which the agents act as dedicated personal assistants of Third Country Nationals in contexts of registration, orientation, language teaching, civic education, and social and societal inclusion, and gather information to support the decisions of actors in the host countries. Through WELCOME project significant impact will be achieved on the quality of Third Country Nationals reception and integration practices, on the protection of vulnerable groups, on the effective management strategies of public administrations, as well as on the solutions for intelligent conversational personal assistants and coaches.

WELCOME counts with a highly competent Consortium of 15 partners: 6 research institutions, 3 ICT companies, and 6 entities related to migrant reception and integration. To increase its impact and dissemination, WELCOME involves the International Organization for Migration as subcontractor.

The Center for Security Studies (KEMEA) along with the abovementioned 14 organisations from 5 different countries that compose WELCOME Consortium, participated to the prementioned official kick-off meeting, where it shared and actively contributed by providing valuable input to the overall project, the different objectives, tasks, challenges and upcoming steps, through thorough discussions around the structural, managerial, and procedural issues of WELCOME project. During the upcoming years, KEMEA, as a research partner will take the lead of pilot use case creation and evaluation of the WELCOME technologies, actively also participating in several stages of the project. Finally, KEMEA will contribute to the dissemination activities, promoting the project outcomes within its own network.


Project Details

Project No: 870930

Start Date: 01/02/2020

Project Duration: 36 months

Website: https://welcome-h2020.eu/





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