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The PERCEPTIONS project is a three-year research and innovation project funded by the EU Horizon 2020 Coordination & Research and Innovation Action and coordinated by SYNYO. It aims at identifying and understanding the different narratives, images and perceptions of the EU, especially outside Europe, and their influence on migration and individual decisions to migrate to the EU. Furthermore, it is part of the project’s goals to understand the way these various narratives, images and perceptions of the EU are distributed via different channels, including social media and traditional media, how they change across the information cascade. The project also investigates how the information flows might be distorted and how false narratives might lead to threats, including security issues or false expectations. Based on this knowledge, the project will create toolkits of creative and innovative measures to react to or even counteract to ‘false’ narratives, considering social, societal and structural aspects.

The Center for Security Studies (KEMEA) along with other 24 organizations that compose PERCEPTIONS’ Consortium, attended the official kick-off meeting, held on 10-12 September 2019 in Vienna, Austria. KEMEA has contributed by providing valuable input to the overall project, the different objectives, tasks, challenges and upcoming steps. During the three forthcoming years, KEMEA as a research partner, will be working on the theoretical scientific groundwork for the project, through exploring the state-of the-art academic literature, contacting and engaging the relevant community and stakeholders, identifying existing solutions and best practices and carrying out a wide empirical research. KEMEA will also take the lead of testing and validating the developed solutions, focusing on the multi-stakeholder joint evaluations. Finally, KEMEA will contribute to the dissemination activities, promoting the project outcomes within its own network.



This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Coordination & Research and Innovation Action under Grant Agreement No 833870.



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