ROXANNE (Real Time Network, Text, and Speaker Analytics for Combating Organized Crime) is a three-years research and innovation project funded by the EU Horizon2020 Programme and coordinated by the IDIAP research institute. The Center of Security Studies (KEMEA) along with other 24 organizations, including 10 LEAs, SMEs and representatives of industry and academia from 16 countries that compose ROXANNE consortium have attended the official kick-off meeting, held on 3-4 September 2019 in Martigny, Switzerland. During the meeting, all the consortium members shared their insights and approach towards the project, shaping strong and long-lasting partnerships through thorough discussions around the structural, managerial, and procedural issues.

Discovering criminal networks and identifying their members is one of the primary aspects of LEAs' mission. ROXANNE will contribute towards this goal by bridging the strengths of speech and language technologies (SLTs), visual analysis (VA) and network analysis (NA). The technical development will be centred around the ROXANNE platform, which will enhance criminal network analysis capabilities by providing a framework for extracting evidence and actionable intelligence based on speech, language and video technologies.

KEMEA participates to several stages of the project, contributing to the to the definition of the user training requirements, the development of end-user validation and performance test methodology as well as being the leader to the creation, implementation and coordination of the relevant field tests  that will evaluate the developed technology in ROXANNE and providing valuable assistance and feedback to the continuous tastings and the final evaluation and recommendations.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Coordination & Research and Innovation Action under Grant Agreement No 833635.



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