Athens 22 December 2021


KEMEA is currently a partner in the European H2020 project “Facilitating EU pre-Standardization process Through stReamlining and vAlidating inTeroperability in systems and procEdures involved in the crisis manaGement cYcle - STRATEGY” which is related to (pre-)standardization in crisis management.

In the framework of the pre-standardisation and standardization actions, the working team of KEMEA in STRATEGY project under the support of Austrian Standards International (ASI) proposed the initiation of CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) related to the standardization of the evaluation of training exercises for crisis / disaster management and the record of lessons learnt in a standardized and consistent manner. The proposed CWA targets primarily to first responder organizations that organize and participate in operational drills and crisis / disaster management and civil protection agencies. It is also of interest to research and technological bodies, which are involved in the development of methodologies and tools that support the organization and evaluation of exercises.

The announcement of the workshop has been published in the official CEN-CENELEC website and is accessible through the following link:

The kick-off meeting of the CWA will be held virtually on 8 February 2022 and KEMEA will chair this workshop agreement.

All interested stakeholders are invited to declare their participation in the relevant registration form and comment on Draft Project Plan in the relevant form until 31 January 2022.



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