Athens, 27 November 2013

Public Safety Communication Europe Forum (PSCE) is a Forum aiming at improving provision of public safety communications and information management systems and the safety of the citizens during crisis and emergency situations. PSCE provides a unique common platform for researchers, industry and users enabling regular exchange of ideas, information, experiences and best practices.

To achieve its mission, PSCE carries out in particular the following activities:

• Consolidate and validate user requirements in the field of public safety concerning communication and information management systems;
• Raise awareness on technical solutions under development;
• Identify non-technological issues;
• Propose a Research and Development agenda or a technical platform;
• Contribute to standardization activities related to public safety communications;
• Develop Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) on main public safety communication and information system topics;
• Promote the common views defined by its members and represent them through the appropriate channels to the relevant European and International Authorities;
• Undertake any other activities relevant to the mission, such as, for example, the participation in EU projects.

Find out more about the Forum’s activities, publications, regular events, policy papers, membership opportunities and much more by clicking on the respective sections of the PSC Europe website.



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