Athens, 7 December 2015

The Center for Security Studies – KEMEA is the Coordinator for the European Research Project INSPEC2T (Inspiring CitizeNS Participation for Enhanced Community poliCing acTions), whose goal is to further strengthen and enhance the Community Policing institution, through the use of technological platforms and social media.

Within the project’s framework, a pan-European survey regarding the cooperation between LEAs and Citizens is taking place, as part of broader policing actions. This research aims to identify the different forms of such a cooperation within the EU Member States and, more specifically, the use of social media in the domain of communication between the police and citizens. This cooperation between authorities and citizens has already taken on an important role and is implemented to a different degree and under different circumstances.

In order to participate in this survey, you are kindly requested to follow the link below and to answer the respective questions:

The time required to complete the survey is approximately 7-8’.




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