The Center for Security Studies is a founding member of the European Organisation for Security (EOS), a non-profit organization based in Belgium.

Today, EOS represents the interests and expertise of 42 Members involved in Security providing technology Solutions and Services from 13 different countries of the European Economic Area, representing more than 65% of the European Security Market and 2 million employees in Europe.

EOS is one of the most important voices in the public – private dialogue with European and Member States Institutions on security issues.

It facilitates the coherent development of the European Security Market, supporting the widespread deployment and implementation of solutions and services to provide security and safety to citizens, governments and economy.

EOS is providing to its Members synergetic added value across different sectors (as ICT, defence, civil security, energy, transport, finance, services, research, etc.) where single Members, for different reasons, cannot provide alone a European impact. EOS’ main objective is the development of a harmonised European Security Market in close cooperation with users from the public and private sector, while satisfying political, social and economic needs, through the efficient use of budgets and the implementation of available security solutions and services in priority areas.  

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